Dye Printed Ties

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Modern and stylish, the dye printed tie allows greater freedom of design. Intricate designs with tones and tints are possible, with the ability to introduce many more colours than can be achieved by weaving. With this process you are not restricted to regular uniform patterns, as it is possible to create designs with a random appearance. With the choice of practical polyester or deluxe silk, a printed tie offers an unbeatable choice of both quality and design.

All dye printed ties are supplied with an “Essentially Ties” branded label on the garment, as standard. If you prefer not to have this branding, please just let us know and the ties can be supplied with a self tab (a retainer made from the same cloth as the tie). Alternatively, we can supply labels woven with your own or customer’s logo.

The Printing Process

Using the screen printing process, large screens are used to print special dyes which penetrate the fabric. Several print colours are possible, each one requiring a separate screen and each colour must be allowed to dry before the next one is applied. Shading and tints are possible, but as this is not 4 colour process, several screens may be required to achieve the effect.

As design is printed onto white fabric, the background colour must also be printed. When the background is to be a dark colour, it is usually necessary to print a keyline between the background and the motif to avoid the colours bleeding together.

As the dyes are mixed specially for each individual order, it is usually possible to achieve a close pantone match.

Once the fabric has been printed, it goes through various processes to set the dyes and finish the material.

When the design for the tie is created, it is laid out in the form of a template which includes cutting lines and these are then used as a guide to cut the pieces which will make up the tie, from the fabric.

This type of printing is particularly intended for unique designs, which are usually produced in relatively small quantities. It is therefore ideally suited to custom designed ties and scarves.