Your customer may have a clear idea of how their tie or scarf should look and we can prepare a colour visual to show how that concept translates onto the garment.

If on the other hand they need some assistance with the design concept, we are happy to offer suggestions and guidance as to how, together, we can fashion a unique garment that will best represent the image of their organisation.

The designs are presented in the form of a colour visual, which can be sent to you by e-mail, or submitted in a presentation folder with your own company information on the front cover.

This stage is extremely important as we want to ensure that your customer is entirely happy with the design before proceeding to the next stage. If any modifications or alternative suggestions are required, we will make the necessary amendments and submit further sketches for approval until such times as they are entirely happy with the end result.

Once the design had been finalised and an order placed, a sample for your customer’s final approval is provided before production commences.

When submitting a logo for us to prepare visuals, please send an editable eps or
CorelDraw file.